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Bushey and Oxhey Methodist Church

Our 5 Year Plan

At the request of the Methodist Church, a 5 year plan has been written to help formulate a future path for Bushey and Oxhey Methodist Church in terms of what we want to achieve and wish for going forward.  So this 5 year plan establishes ways that we can best utilise our Church resources through  the gifting of our time, talents and money as a congregation and as individuals.
 A number of activities have been chosen to help us further serve our local and wider Community.  
So our priorities as a Church are to:

  • Foster the expansion of Messy Church that is held on the second Sunday afternoon  of each month in combination with St Matthews
  • Ensure the coffee shop (Boffees) is always open on weekdays between 10 and 12 noon, providing a comfortable place to meet and chat with friends.
  • Extend the number and range of public exhibitions in the Meeting Point as this space is well designed for this purpose.
  • Modernise and improve the utility and convenience of our premises and facilities especially for disabled access. Next project is to refurbish the toilets, entrance and disabled access to the Community Halls.
  • Persist with our emphasis on supporting the aid organisations that seek to address the needs of the wider world  – mostly in relation to injustice and poverty

 It is our hope that by focusing on these priorities, our Church will be a welcoming place for people to meet and be a thriving and loving centre for the community around us.